Massachusetts Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Welcome 2017 MaAOHN Board of Directors!

Posted about 1 year ago by Penny-Allyson Clark

Welcome to the 2017 Board of Directors:


  • President: Joyce Harsch                                  
  • Vice President: Michael Dolliver                                     
  • Secretary: Marie Palermo                                
  • Treasurer: Lisa Foster                                      


  • Western MA: Diane Doyker  
  • Central MA: Donna Ferreira                   
  • Greater Boston: Chris Pontus  
  • North Of Boston: Nancy Clover

Communications Chair:                                     

  • Penny Clark     


  • Mary Taschner
  • Marcia Estes
  • Carol Clancy
  • Nancy Clover  

Nominating Committee:                                 

  • Margaret Stashluk                                                                                                                                                               

Nominating Committee:                                 

  • Margaret Stashluk                                               
  • Carin Bennett-Rizzo
  • Joan Balkus                                                       


  • Cathy Loiselle