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Volunteers Needed for COVID-19 Vaccination Information Program

Posted 23 days ago by Nancy Clover

Dear Colleague,
The Massachusetts Health Council (MHC) has identified a need for Massachusetts residents to be able to speak with a live healthcare provider to address safety and efficacy questions related to COVID-19 vaccination and has developed an innovative text and call back program.
RN & NP volunteers will be trained to answer questions over short shifts of 1-3 hours.
This is a great opportunity to participate in a short-term service opportunity to help increase COVID-19 vaccination rates.
Please consider donating a small amount of your time and sharing this information with your colleagues to ensure that the call back line can be adequately staffed with trained APRNs and RN's and that patients have access to factually correct information about COVID-19 vaccination efficacy and safety.


A text and call back service will be created to meet this public health emergency with medical professionals available to address questions and concerns. Volunteers will be trained to answer questions over short shifts of 1-3 hours and all calls will be treated with respect and sensitivity.

 Interested in joining us? Send us an email at or visit:


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