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Congratulate Diane Doyker - she passed her COHN-s exam!

Posted 3 months ago by Nancy Clover

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Please join us in congratulating Diane Doyker RN, BSN, COHN-s.  Diane has passed her Certified Occupational Health Nurse Certification (COHN-s).


Diane is still fairly new to Occupational Health, having worked for 14 years in Urgent care before starting in Occ Health about 4+ years ago.   I started in this field as a temp nurse through different agencies including Occupational Health Connections with Nancy Clover.  I currently am employed by The Yankee Candle Company as the only nurse for all of manufacturing, distribution, and retail across the country.  

During these 4+ years I have earned my BSN, completed a certificate course in Occ Health through UNC Chapel Hill, and passed the COHN-S exam. Diane is a member of the AAOHN Practice Committee, and this opportunity has been very enlightening in the detail required for position statements.

Diane also has had the pleased and honored to have been the Director of the Western MA branch of MaAAOHN for the past 2 years.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, and am willing to continue in this role. Diane was the driving force behind the Western MA occ health conference held last year. Diane – thank you for your service!




Joyce Harsch 3 months ago

Congratulations dear friend!!! I KNEW you could do it!

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