Massachusetts Association of Occupational Health Nurses

MaAOHN is proud to present our 2018 Medique Leadership Award to Nancy Clover, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN

Posted 3 months ago by Penny-Allyson Clark

MaAOHN is proud to present our 2018 Medique Leadership Award to Nancy Clover, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN.  Nancy has held numerous positions on state and local chapters in Massachusetts.  Full of endless ideas and way to make things fun, she is well known throughout NEAOHN, and always is willing to help anyone in need. 

With over 20 years of Occupational Health Nursing experience, Nancy has worked tirelessly to promote Occupational Health Nursing from every avenue.   Those of us who have been privileged to work alongside Nancy, have seen her commitment to life and good health through numerous health promotion initiatives and endless ideas for continuing nursing education.  Of course, she also has an abundant fountain of ideas about how to kick back and have fun as well!

In addition to the numerous conference and educational planning committees Nancy has served on, when called upon by AAOHN to create a webinar on Planning and Delivering Fun Meetings, Nancy and her colleague agreed to do so on one condition - the webinar had to be free to all AAOHN members.  Nancy’s passion for occupational health nursing is equal to her devotion to charity.  Nancy has ensured there is always a charitable event that runs alongside any of our educational programs.  North of Boston chapter won a community service award for the annual meal preparation and delivery to the Bread & Roses Soup kitchen in Lawrence, MA, which they continue to do to this day.   Nancy brought to us the idea to support a nursing scholarship fund for the nursing students of Haiti – we have supported 5 students on full nursing scholarships.

Nancy was one of the instrumental members of MaAOHN devoted to preserving the history of MaAOHN and NEAOHN.  She was able to secure a place in the Boston University Nursing School archives for our history, where it will live on for decades to come.

Comments from Nancy’s colleagues sum up her place in all of our hearts:

“Nancy remains steadfast in her vision for the future of Occupational Health Nursing, and, actively engaged with endless positivity and enthusiasm.  Her passion for our profession is unwavering.  Nancy demonstrates endless positivity and generosity of spirit.”

“Nancy has been a huge influence on so many Massachusetts Occupational Health Nurses.  “her work and crisp “GET IT DONE” style is appreciated.

 “Nancy is never shy about speaking up on anything that she feels is an important issue to Occupational Health Nurses.  Her great sense of humor and wonderful conference ideas are always appreciated.”

“When thinking of Nancy, the first thing that pops into mind is her laughter, and with that her joy for life and fun. Nancy generously shares this joy with everyone she comes in contact with.   Nancy has a drive for excellence that is contagious and knows no bounds. She expects much of herself and no less of us. Her expectations nudge us to stay on our toes. It is always an energizing experience to work with Nancy on a committee or to explore problem solving options with Nancy in the room. Her leadership style is to “go the mile with you”, yet she knows just the moment to let you spread your wings. Indeed, Nancy Clover is the wind beneath the wings of so many of us.”


Thank you, Nancy Clover, for all you have done for so many.  You are so deserving of this award.