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My Story: Wendy Webster RN, COHN/CM

Posted 5 months ago by Nancy Clover

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Could you help out with Flu Shots for a few days?


After graduation from Mass General in 1975, I spent 5 years in a Coronary Care Unit in Central Maine followed by 6 years doing staff development.  When my 2 daughters got involved with tap, jazz, ballet, softball, karate, soccer, horseback riding (the list goes on), I decided to get my Real Estate Broker’s License so that I had better control of my schedule.  It was important for me to be in the bleachers to cheer them on.  It seems that the dance recital was always immediately following the BIG GAME of the softball season.  This involved carrying washcloths in a Ziplocs so they could doff their uniforms and don their tutus.   I enjoyed a very success career real estate as it was mostly nursing with a bit of law and math thrown in.  Nurses make great brokers.

After about 13 years in real estate, a close friend who did transcription for WorkMed, an occupational health practice serving 200 area business and industries, told me WorkMed was looking for someone to help with flu shots for … a few days.  This was kismet.   I was going through a divorce at the time and would soon need a more predictable income and benefits.  I signed up to do flu shots and stayed there, full time, for 6 years.  During my stint at WorkMed I developed a love for Occupational Health.  I got my COHN and later my case management (CM) certification.  An offer of significant salary increase brought me to Panolam Industries international for 6 year s and then for 4 years at LL Bean.  I enjoyed all of my occ. Health positions as they gave me a wide base of knowledge across the spectrum from manufacturing to caring for PHDs.  I added a certification in Health Coaching while I worked for LL Bean.

It seemed like no time at all before my two little darlings in tutus were married and giving me grandbabies.  They both settled north of Boston.  I soon asked myself why I was still in Maine when my daughters and 4 grandchildren were in MA.  It was a no brainer!   I have been here for 3 years and now enjoy a position working for Occupational Health Connections at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge.

Life is good!


Wendy L. Webster, RN, COHN/CM


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