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My Story: Debbie Hoberman

Posted 7 months ago by Nancy Clover

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If you attended an education program for North of Boston or MaAOHN – you can thank Debbie Hoberman for your certificate of attendance and the program evaluation.  Debbie epitomizes many hands make light work.  Her willingness to always step up and something makes running an educational program an easy task.

Here is Debbie's story:

My first job in occ health was at Digital Corporation.  Digital gave a lot of nurses a start in occ health.  Joanne Jeannette was my mentor at Digital. Anyone who knows Joanne, knows she is a professional and one who promotes occ health.  Another mentor is Nancy Clover. She has been an amazing friend, mentor, and resource to me. She encouraged me to stretch professionally. Her attitude is basically, you never know if you'll succeed or like it and till you try it. She's so right!

Before my recent retirement, my occ health career spanned 30 plus years and included Kollsman, Occupational Health Connections & Mitre Corporation.  I loved every minute of it!

I graduated from Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, OH then went on to receive a BS in Human Services. In 1993 I received an MBA from Rivier College. I became a COHN-S in 2003 and then a certified Wellness Program Manager.  I never really stopped learning.

After attending my first NOB mtg, I was hooked! Topics were timely, attendees participated in animated discussions.

I Started on the NOB as an at-large board member, secretary, and Vice President. It was my pleasure to assist in recruiting speakers and whatever else I could do.

Being on the NOB board was a personal and professional enriching experience. I would encourage any occ hlth nurse who wants "to give back," to volunteer on the local/ state board. Take on some responsibility and lead.  I am So proud to be in the company of such dedicated professionals. 

In retirement I am spending time with my family and friends, especially my grandchildren.