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Please share your story!

Posted 7 months ago by Nancy Clover

I was wondering if you could write up a little something about your career and your experience in occupational health.


I am trying to capture our personal history & stories.

Just looking for your story – how you got into occ health, where you worked, what you did.

What you like about occ health/dislike.

Any memories or things you would like to add.

Any mentors?


Involvement in AOHN – local, state, national?

Anything inspiring words for future occ health nurses and anything you want to share.


It can be as long & short as you want – it really is just about you!

The above stuff is just suggestions – you can include whatever you want.

This is an ongoing project so no time line – you have a chance to think about it.


If you also have a photo – from nursing school & current – that would be great but no worries if you don’t – it would just be good to hear your story.

Please include as much of your story as you want!


If you check out MaAOHN’s face book page you can see some other nurses stories.


If you can also pass this along to anyone you know that did occ/employee health in Massachusetts – past or present.

Looking for people with lots or little experience.

I would love to have them included!

I apologize now if you get this more then once I am just going alphabetical from my contacts and you maybe listed more than once.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I appreciate it.



Nancy Clover RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN

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